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Deedlock APX03 Keypad-Prox Reader Access Control Kit with 5 Fobs

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  • Stand alone card entry systems provide higher security than keypads as each person is given a card or fob to gain entry through the door There are two types of system "Self Contained" with the electronics built into the reader, and "Separate Controller" where the electronics are in a separate unit inside the building.
  • "Self Contained" units are ideal for low risk areas on internal doors in offices, store rooms etc.
  • "Separate Controller" units are ideal for higher risk areas on external or internal doors for apartment entrances, office entrances, or other commercial applications.
  • There are 2 main types of "Card" format - "Magnetic Swipe" uses a card similar to a bank or credit card and requires the user to manually swipe the card through a slot on the reader. The other type is "Proximity" systems which use a card or a small fob and require the user to hold the card/fob in front of the reader. The majority of systems in higher usage applications tend to opt for the proximity technology as there is little or no wear and tear on the system.



  • Self contained Proximity system for internal use onlyProgrammed using a Master Fob
  • Up to 12,000 Fobs Maximum
  • Options for card/fob and code
  • 5 x Fobs included in kit
  • Spare fobs available in the options section below

Additional Information

Technical Description


  • IP54 Rating
  • Read range up to 110mm (4.25")
  • Volt-Free relay (Pulse)
  • Operating Voltage - 12v DC
  • Outside Reader Housing Dimensions - 123mm High x 81mm Wide x 21mm deep
  • Current - 270mA
  • Relay rating - 24v DC 1A
  • Relay Time (Secs) - 1-255
  • Maximum number of users - 12,000
  • Bell + Exit button input
  • Spare fobs available in the options section below
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