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  • Deedlock AST125-FLT Fail Locked Ansi Mortice Release Deedlock AST125-FLT Fail Locked Ansi Mortice Release

Deedlock AST125-FLT Fail Locked Ansi Mortice Release

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  • Mortice releases are designed for use with mortice locks and latches, the mortice electric release is fitted in place of the normal strike plate on the timber or metal door frame. Generally suitable for inward or outward opening doors.


Selecting the most appropriate release depends on many different criteria and their relative importance in each application. In general the following aspects should be considered:

  • Door Type - Fitting to wood or metal door frames
  • Release Type - Match the release type to lock type (i.e. rim or mortice version)
  • Fail Locked - does it need to be locked all the time and only powered when necessary, when the power is power the release will be locked
  • Fail Unlocked - does it need to be in the open position and powered constantly to keep it locked, this is normally used for fire safety aspects
  • Security - Higher holding forces offer higher physical security
  • Usage - Select for low or medium traffic
  • Operating Voltage - For 12v 0r 24v - AC or DC
  • Additional Features - Is monitoring required


Ansi Mortice Releases

  • ANSI mortice releases have an additional lip on the opening face which protects the  recessed edge of the door frame. It provides a cleaner appearance and smoother operation and are designed to be used with mortice latches.



  • Suitable for low to medium traffic applications
  • Fail Locked or Fail Locked versions
  • ANSI mortice versions are suitable with mortice latches up to a 15mm projection
  • Jaw strength up to 1000lbs
  • 12v DC operation
  • Comes complete with short and long faceplates



  • AST125-FLT - ANSI Mortice Release c/w Short & Long Faceplates - Low/Medium Traffic Applications - Fail Locked - 15mm Maximum Latch Throw - 12c DC Operating Voltage - Jaw Strength 1000lbs

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