Sure Chubby Postsafe Anti-Arson Mail Box

Sure Chubby Postsafe Anti-Arson Mail Box


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Sure Slimline Postsafe Anti-Arson Mail Box

Sure Slimline Postsafe Anti-Arson Mail Box

Sure Chubby Postsafe Anti-Arson Mail Box

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Postsafe Anti-Arson Mailboxes



SURE 'POSTSAFE' Anti-Arson Mailboxes

  • Cost effective solution for Arson Protection against all kinds of hate crime Used in domestic violence 'safe-houses'
  • Available in a range of sizes
  • Very affordable replacement extinguishers
  • Easy to install


Key Features and Benefits

Protect your home or business with 'Postsafe' the anti-arson mail box.  Arsonists attack more than 28,000 buildings each year in the UK and according to Home Office Statistics, that number is rising.  The letter box is one part of every building that is always open.

The Warrington Fire Research Centres (WFRC) official test concluded that our Mail Boxes will successfully contain an arson attack and will provide significant protection against a serious fire developing.

Constructed from metal with a built in Pyroflex FE-25 tube fire extinguisher that automatically activates in the event of fire, extinguishing it before it spreads, saving property and lives.  Also protects from other frequently occuring acts of vandalism including insertion of fireworks, rubbish, animal faeces and urination through letter box.

The FE-25 fire extinguisher gas is heavier than air so once activated, the gas remains within the Postsafe thus preventing re-ignition.

The 'Postsafe' anti-arson mailbox accomodates all normal mail and newspapers, and is available in three different
models: Chubby or Slimline.


How Postsafe Works

Sealed unit holds the flammable material, including liquids, preventing the fire from spreading Neoprene seal ensures that the Postsafe is airtight, starving fire of oxygen, thus extinguishing it If the fire persists, the automatic fire extinguisher will discharge at 57 degrees putting the fire out Heavier than air, the gas from the fire extinguisher remains within the Postsafe preventing re-ignition


Version Chubby

  • Locking Mechanism - Lift up slam latch
  • Dimensions - Width 326mm x Height 360mm x Depth 156mm
  • Weight - 4.2 Kgs
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